Nicky Masson shares her journey into motherhood and beginning her own business.

It’s fair to say that motherhood came as a complete shock to me.  During my first pregnancy, I remember thinking how lovely it was going to be to have a year off work and how I couldn’t wait to spend my days meeting other mums in coffee shops.  I was so excited about the new chapter in my life.  


As my due date approached (and went) the ideal birth that I was hoping for now started to become less of a reality and the start of a catalyst of things to come.  I ended up being induced ten days past my due date which did not go well, and I had a horrible and traumatic birth.  It was touch and go for me and the baby, and the opposite of how you would want to bring a baby in to this world.  I felt like so much of the birth was out of my control and I struggled mentally and physically afterwards.


Following the birth, I have lots of physical complications which added to the stress and overwhelm, and a baby who had quite severe colic and reflux.


My reality was far from the perfect picture of motherhood that I had imagined, and I found the transition hard and really struggled in those few first months.  Looking back, I think I had post-natal depression, however I didn’t do anything about it.  I was battling so many mixed emotions, the desire to be a great mum and love my child unconditionally, whilst feeling so much guilt and hurt around how things had happened.  So, I suppressed the feelings and tried to get on with things as best as I could.


My second birth was the exact opposite.  It was a lovely experience.  Calm, peaceful and dare I say it, pretty easy!  I felt like I had been given the opportunity to put things right and felt relieved that I’d had a ‘normal’ birth.


However, I still found myself suffering with depression and anxiety in the months afterwards.  This time, I sought help though rather than bottle it all up inside which helped me to feel more normal and in control again.


When my youngest was about 9 months old, I set up my first business in direct selling.  I felt so excited for the future and couldn’t wait to make a success of the business.  My plan was to go back to work part time after my maternity leave ended and run my business along-side my job.  I ended up taking redundancy though and made the decision that I would never be employed again.


It was an ok start with some initial success, however I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, and I was finding it hard to juggle family life and work.  I often felt frustrated and like I was running around in circles, not really showing up as a great mum, and not really driving my business forwards either.


In 2016, I happened to be on a webinar which was hosted by my now business coach and mentor, and that one session completely changed my life.  For the first time I was beginning to get answers about the fears, doubts, depression and anxiety that I had been feeling and I realised that I didn’t have to feel that way and that there was a way forward.  


I began personal coaching which enabled me to let go of events from the past and start to look forward to the future.  Following that, I was given the opportunity to train and study to become a certified coach and I jumped at the chance.  I knew that if I could have a breakthrough, then it would be possible for others to have the same experience too and I wanted to help people improve their lives.


I set up my coaching business in 2017 and I have never looked back!  I’m coming up to the 5-year anniversary in my business and I have achieved some incredible things.


One of my biggest learnings has been how to balance family life and business.  I am now able to be fully present when I am with my boys, and when I’m working, I can completely focus on my business.  


This isn’t as easy with little children at home but having boundaries and being realistic about what I can achieve has always helped.  We can achieve a lot in a really short space of time if there is a clear plan of action to follow. I also regularly check in with my goals and why I’m doing what I’m doing.  Business can be tough sometimes with many ups and down so I use my goals to motivate me and navigate a way forwards.


I also rely on accountability and support to keep me on track towards my goals.  Past experience has taught me that it is hard to go it alone so now I make sure that I surround myself with people that inspire, motivate and lift me up.


Life is definitely a journey, and we can learn so much from where we’ve come from, and use that knowledge to create a better life for ourselves.


Nicky xx 

Nicky Masson

Hello, I’m Nicky, mum to two boys and we live in Leicestershire, UK.


I am an Accountability and Success Coach and love to support, empower and encourage women to become the best version of themselves. It’s isn’t always easy to navigate life but having someone in your corner can make all the difference and help you to grow, rather than remain stuck.


I am a firm believer that your past doesn’t define who you are, and that you can be, do, or have anything you truly desire.


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