Love Thy Body - Real Life Stories: Volume One

Atkinson, A (2020). 'One Mummy's Journey So Far.' 

IN Bland, L; Bonasera, A and Novelli, S. (eds) Love Thy Body - Real Life Stories: Volume One. (2020, Pages 1 - 12). Published by Love Thy Body Project.


Born in Lockdown - 277 New Mothers. One Shared Story

Allie Atkinson is listed as the 14th contributing author. (Page 89)

IN Hall, E. (ed) Born In Lockdown. 277 New Mothers. One Shared Story. Published by Mothership Writers 2021. 


Balance! Balance! Balance!

Atkinson, A. 2021. 'Balance! Balance! Balance!' Lockdown Baby Babble, 2nd May.  

Illustration by @cstoneart on Instagram and Facebook.

Lockdown Baby Babble is a creative time-capsule on babies and care-giving in lockdown.



This text will be a co-written book of over sixty mums and their messages of life meanings and beliefs to their children. 

We are currently crowdfunding to cover all editing and production costs so that every penny from book sales can be donated towards projects for children's emotional well being.