• Rachel C-K

How To Overcome Mama Panic One Drop At A Time

Trigger Warning

Some reference to cancer in motherhood

My journey to become a mama was a tough one, but the times after were even more tough - however it was my son that not only changed my life, but saved it.

Following years of intrusive, and at times heartbreaking IVF- our miracle boy was born. Happy ,healthy on paper, and that was all that mattered to anyone except me and my family, behind closed doors with a child that screamed for hours on end.

Our experience post birth was traumatic, our first few months honestly were awful. I started motherhood incredibly anxious and already feeling incapable of doing what I needed to look after this tiny human that, alarmingly to me, when I felt at my absolute worst, had only me at times to rely on. My husband needed to return to work and often worked away for nights on end. This is a huge time of adjustment for most new mums- I felt desperate not to be left alone with this beautiful baby- we were both struggling way more than anyone realised.

Our son cried and screamed from around 7pm until 4am every day, relentlessly and I was on my knees, and out of my fogged mind. I started to ask for professional help but there was none. This was all normal. His losing weight and my struggling to feed him was normal, until it wasn't. His screaming all through the night was normal-until he passed out in my arms and I thought I'd lost him. Our early months together were fraught, until I started to read more and study more about colic and reflux, about intolerances and all of the ways I could find help for us both. At no point during his first year was I ever asked by a professional if I was ok - at no point, despite many hospital visits where anxiety gripped me so hard - did anyone offer support to me.

By the time my son was 3, I had learned everything I could about his digestive system, and how to naturally support it, but also how to start to naturally support myself and my hormones, and my mood, which were impacting my ability to cope nutritionally, energetically, and emotionally. I began juicing and walking- even though sleep issues were still a massive struggle - I now at least had more energy and understood enough to have a foundation of support for us both. Sleep and anxiety ruled every aspect of our home life. I tried to return to work with incredible support from my parents and hubby but eventually it still wasn't enough.

Passing out in my car on the M1 with an anxiety attack brought everything into focus. I'd been ignoring warning signs, but my body finally said- hell no - to anymore. Everything had to change but this path was about to lead me to somewhere my wildest dreams could never have imagined- I was being guided to where i needed to be and what i needed to learn .

I'd eventually realised my career was over, I simply had to stop trying.

At this exact moment- my world span on it's axis once again. A friend asked me to come and listen to "something about essential oils". Thank goodness she didn't take the usual agoraphobic no for an answer.

My first experience of a therapeutic grade oil was to start to cry out of the blue as it was passed around in a strangers garden. All the grief, of the unspoken fears, everything I'd buried deep inside was coming up, unbelievably right there and then. That was my first experience of The Oil of Communication, and I was learning first hand about the emotional and energetic power of these oils- way beyond the physical element of it being an oil often used for sleep or skin support. That oil was lavender. Interestingly- lavender as with many people, agitates myself and my son so it wasn't the oil that changed our world with regard to sleep.

The first oil I had to use at home was a blend and for the first time in three excruciating years, I watched my son drift off to sleep and stay asleep. One night, one oil, that was it? It was me that cried all night, with pure relief. How could it have been that simple? These oils became the centre of my support for us - not just for emotional but physical needs too.

As I continued my studies of these oils and hormones, the importance of removing chemicals from my home and no longer being in anything that went on our bodies became hugely apparent. The oils I now had in my home meant I had a natural solution for my kitchen, bathroom and any middle of the night drama- for everything.

I knew I wanted to support any other mum that had ever felt the same as me. That no mummy on my watch would ever feel so unseen, unheard, desperate, alone or at a loss.

Essentially Rachel UK was born and I still live by the promise to work mummy first.

This is where my story should end, off into the sunset, holding oils and green juice in one hand and the hand of my gorgeous son in the other- but sadly that wasn't to be. My son had guided me to living and loving a natural oil infused lifestyle for a much bigger challenge.

In November 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, our boy was 5 and hearts were broken all over again.

However, before long, I was piecing together what I already knew and studying more to understand how to guide my body and my family naturally through cancer and treatment. I still chose to have medical treatment, because i had to look my son and husband in the eyes to know I'd done everything I could. I had the tools to navigate the side effects, and that was exactly what I did. Using fasting, nutrition,oxygen therapy, incredible energy work, and yes, essential oils for mind, body and soul- for all of us -I thrived through my treatment to the all clear.

I am proud to work supporting mamas and their families, to be well and stay well - and using my unique blend of oils, energy, business tools and force of Nature coaching- specialise as an Empowerment and Cancer Support Guide to holistic professionals. I ensure they fully stand in their power, understand their worth and are able to show up having the incredible impact they can have in the world- especially now.

Rachel C-K

My name is Rachel C-K of Essentially Rachel UK and use natural solutions to help professional mums to “ be well and stay well” infused with essential oils for their journey.

I run a fabulous free Oily Holistic Health Hub, a beautiful membership Inner Circle and two transformational courses.

I also work one to one with those ready to take their business to another level.. using oils, energy and my Force of Nature empowerment coaching in helping them to get to the root of their blocks so that they can support themselves, their families and their clients on a deeper level- creating even more impact in their lives and in the world…

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