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From 'Meh' to 'Yeh!'

Being a mamma myself I particularly love working with my mamma-clients..

When we have children we focus so much on them and our family and it is so easy to lose

sight of our own desires, goals or even who we are in this new mum-role! I particularly

struggled as I had always been such a career person and hadn’t planned to have children

and I really struggled in those early years..not wanting to push a pram or have the “mum-

label” especially because my industry was so young but my daughter is now 10 and I

wouldn’t change a thing. I feel so blessed that she’s here!!

One of the hardest things for many mammas is how our bodies change and it can be difficult

to adapt to not only a new shape (for many) but a new life and extra responsibilities. We

become tuned in to everyone elses’ needs and routines and tend to put ourselves last on the

list and we feel guilty about giving ourselves time or a treat!

When our beautiful kiddi-winks are born, we tend to adopt more “practical clothes” This

becomes our “comfy uniform” and there is nothing wrong with that but what tends to happen

in the process is that we lose ourselves as we stop putting time and care into our own

routine wearing the same couple of tshirts everywhere we go whether worn-out or bobbly but


Not investing in yourself can lead to low self-worth and it can become a hard routine to break (certainly without help!)

Many women I work with feel invisible and that they’re not worth investing in (which

obviously I can’t agree with!) I simply work with women to build their confidence and unlock

how they felt pre-kids or earlier in their lives and try and replicate some of those feelings or if

they’ve never been confident I can bring this out too by showing them all their “best bits”

because TRUST ME we ALL have “best-bits”.

I recently worked with a mum who felt lost and didn’t feel like she had paid any attention to

herself for over 10 years but with a few new tees, trainers and a few easy dresses she’s

looking and feeling amazing plus she’s getting loads of compliments which is always a

mood-booster! Another mamma I worked with is in her 70’s..she just felt frumpy and felt like

she had lost her sense of style and the transformation was staggering! You don’t have to be

a new mamma to benefit from a styling session…my services are fully age and size


Another recent example would be my very own sister… she is a very stylish lady with 6

children..yes 6 children (!!) and every time she has a baby she feels like she loses her

personal style and doesn’t know what to wear…This time after her youngest was born she

asked me to step in and help her as she just feels lost (trust me that’s quite amazing if you

know us as we do have very different styles) but that’s the point..I’m here to dress your

personality in what’s RIGHT FOR YOU. So many women I work with have wonderful,

sunny, happy personalities but their wardrobe says the opposite! When you dress yourself

to align with your personality and body-shape amazing things start to happen to your

confidence and to the relationships around you because you feel happier.

Three pieces of advice I swear by for an instant confidence booster and to start on the path

to a more confident/visible you….

Wear colour

It instantly lifts your mood and makes you feel good. A lot of women I work with wear

black/grey/navy which is fine but for an instant switch-up wear a coloured-tee or a

printed blouse or an easy print dress which can be worn back with trainers. I highly

recommend dresses as you don’t have to think about it too much ..whack on a dress

with trainers/sandals or boots and you’re good to go!

Dress like you have somewhere better to go

You will feel so good about yourself, even if you’re doing school run, popping to the

supermarket or doing after-school pick-ups for your little ones, dress how you want to

feel or how you want to be perceived.

If you love a tee and jeans..why not add this season’s must have..a coloured blazer

for a more elevated look!

Pop of lipstick

You don’t need a face full of make-up everywhere you go but a pop of lipstick can

make you feel confident and sexy, try a coral or pink if this is something you are not

doing already!

If you do want any advice or support or simply want to read more about my services

please click on the link below! You’re so worth the investment and I promise you won’t

regret it!


The Retail Genie - Bridget Albano

The Retail Genie is a personal shopper/stylist service owned by Bridget Albano and launched in May 2021.

Bridget has 20 years of experience working within the fashion industry working for big blue-chip companies

So why use a personal shopping/styling service ? Who is it for ?

*Maybe you have lost confidence for whatever reason or you hate shopping because you’re not sure what suits you or what the current trends are.

*Maybe your body has changed or you’ve changed careers?

*Maybe you’re too busy to shop and treat yourself?

*Maybe you simply want to invest in yourself professionally or socially?

*Maybe you feel that the outside doesn’t match how you feel inside?

She offers a fun, unique, affordable , hassle-free personalised service where you get spoilt with all her expertise.

She helps you feel inspired, confident and ready to take on anything!

She guarantees whatever you want out of a session with her you will come out of it feeling amazing inside & outside!!