Hello Mamas!

This blog is all about creating a space to talk about some of the tough motherhood experiences that may be extra to the expected journey...breastfeeding issues, pregnancy complications, neonatal admissions, illness and much more.

Some of the posts are written by me and others are authored by incredible guests. 

Whatever your individual circumstances may be as a mama, I hope this blog lets you know that you are not alone with the feelings you have. 

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My name is Allie and I am a stay-at-home Mummy of three, one blue and two pink! They are my absolute world, but that doesnt mean I find motherhood easy.

Prior to being a Mummy, I graduated a dance degree at University in 2009 and qualified as a primary school teacher in 2013. But I made the choice to leave teaching for a while when my son arrived in 2015. We were then joined by our daughters in 2017 and 2020.

Both of our little girls were born with physical malformations, the youngest much milder than her sister, leading me down the road of complicated pregnancies, emergency caesarean sections, neonatal admissions and multiple hospital appointments at more than one hospital.Those experiences combined with my own battle with generalised anxiety, low self-esteem, OCD and postnatal mental illness have led to quite a bumpy road...and I know it's far from over yet!  

Shortly after my third baby was born, I took a chance and contributed a chapter about my self-love journey in motherhood to 'Love Thy Body Project: Real Life Stories - Volume One'. A book that became an Amazon bestseller across a number of categories in both ebook and paperback. 

And from there the seed for Just One Mama was planted!